Alphonse II, King of Aragon trans. James H.Donalson
Per mantas guizas m'es datz
jois e deportz e solatz;
que per vergiers e per pratz
e per foilhas e per flors,
e pel temps qu'es refrescatz
aug alegrar chantadors:
mas al meu chan neus ni glatz
no·m notz ni m'aiuda estatz
ni res for Deus et amors.

E pero ges no-m desplatz
lo bels temps ni la clartatz
ni·l dous chans qu'aug pels plaissatz
dels auzels ni la verdors;
qu'aissi·m sui al joi lassatz
ab una de las meilhors:
en leis es sens e beutatz,
per qu'eu li don tot quan fatz,
e jois e pretz et honors.

En trop ricas voluntatz
s'es mos cors ab joi mesclatz;
mas no sai si s'es foudatz
o ardimens o paors
o grans sens amezuratz
o si s'es astre d'amors,
qu'anc de l'ora qu'eu fui natz
mais no'm destreis amistatz
ni·m senti mals ni dolors.

Tant mi destreing sa bontatz,
sa proez' e sa beutatz,
qu'eu n'am mais sofrir en patz
penas e daps e dolors,
que d'autra jauzens amatz
grans bes faitz e grans socors.
Sos homs plevitz e juratz
serai ades, s'a leis pratz,
davan totz autres seignors.

Quan mi membra dels comjatz
que pris de leis totz forsatz,
alegres sui et iratz;
qu'ab sospirs mesclatz de plors
me dis: "Bels amics, tornatz
per merce vas me de cors."
Per qu'eu tornarai viatz
vas leis, quar autr' embaissatz
no m'es deleits ni sabors.
In many ways I have received
amusement, joy and sport:
it comes from gardens or from leas,
it comes from leaves, it comes from flowers,
it comes from weather, which, renewed
hears singers' happiness and glee;
but for my song, the snow and ice
are not required, nor an I helped
by any state or thing save God and love.

In any case I'm not displeased
by weather that is good or bright,
or when the hedgerows put forth song
of birds and greening is in sight:
then I give all myself to joy
and always with one of the best.
Beauty and sense I find it her
so all I do I give to her,
along with honor, praise and joy.

My heart has mixed its will, it seems,
and with a joy that's very rich;
but I don't know if gladness reigns
or eagerness or even fright
or some unmeasurable sense,
or if a fated love's afoot
as from the time when I was born:
Still, this love doesn't bother me
nor do I feel a grief or pain.

Her goodness moves me much, as do
her beauty and accomplishments,
so I no longer wish to bear
in quiet, pain and harm and grief,
while loves of others can enjoy
great benefits and great relief.
I'd be hers, sworn and warranted,
immediately, if she wants,
before all other lords on earth.

When I remember taking leave
of her when forced by circumstance,
I'm fondly happy, yet I'm grieved,
for with her sighs all mixed with tears
she said: "Fair friend, be good enough
to turn your heart to me alone."
So I'd return to her straightway
because no other matter could
present such savor or delight.

Trans. Copyright © James H.Donalson 2006

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